A-1 Home Care Sponsors Mardi Gras Event at Whittier Senior Center

As Spring gets on its way we figured that an ideal way to celebrate would be to host another event at a senior center.  Since the end of last year we have been hosting events at senior centers to spread some joy among the people in our communities.  For this particular event we found ourselves at Whittier Senior Center.  Our event would be a Mardi Gras mask decorating activity.  

These activities not only give us a chance to spend some great time making memories, but it allows us to get to know the people within our community.  We hoped that all of the seniors and elderly in attendance would enjoy the activity.  Sure enough, everyone loved the mask decorating event.  The glues, glitters, markers and stencils were flying from left to right as everyone's creative side came out.  These are the moments that we cherish, being able to spread some joy into the lives of others.  We are truly blesses and we give back as much as we can.  

Helping those that are in need with dependable caregivers is what we do.  We have senior helpers ready to assist you in Long Beach, Cerritos, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rolling Hills, Los Angeles County and Orange County.   

Find your dependable caregiver today, call 562-929-8400 to being service today! You may also visit us at http://www.longbeachinhomecare.com/ and check our photos and other updates on our Facebook page!  


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