“The Doctors” National TV Show Features Quake Kare Emergency Survival Kit

It is an honor for Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis and Quake Kare to be nationally recognized for our emergency survival products”

Quake Kare ER™ Emergency Ready Survival kits, assembled by the nonprofit Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis (www.quakekare.com), are showcased on the national Emmy Award-winning TV show “The Doctors” as a way to help people survive emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and mudslides.

“We were contacted by “The Doctors” and asked to participate in their show featuring tips for  surviving earthquakes and other natural disasters because of recent earthquakes in the U.S., and also because tornado season has arrived,” says Brian Houser of the Lighthouse, which packages and distributes Quake Kare Disaster Preparedness products.

 “It is an honor for the Lighthouse and Quake Kare to be nationally recognized for our emergency survival products, all of which are assembled and packaged by employees who are legally blind at our headquarters located  in the city of Overland in St. Louis County,” says Houser.  All proceeds from the Quake Kare ER™ Emergency Ready product line support 15 Community Outreach Programs that provide services for children and adults who are visually impaired and blind in Missouri and select counties in Illinois. 

Produced in Los Angeles and distributed by CBS Television, “The Doctors” is a daytime talk show that delivers up to-the minute information from practicing professionals. In “The Doctors” show that aired Friday, April 18, the hosts discussed the Quake Kare ER™ Emergency Ready Ultimate Deluxe Four Person Survival Kit, calling the kit “Important for anyone faced with any kind of natural disaster -- hurricanes, winds, snow storms, mudslides…” See the show at this link: http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videolib/init/11366

“The Doctors” studio audience was given vouchers for a free Quake Kare Ultimate Deluxe Four Person 72-Hour Survival Kit designed to prepare a family of four at home for any disaster. Those kits contain emergency supplies including food, water, lighting, first-aid supplies, portable toilet/sanitation supplies, tent shelter, a solar hand-crank powered flashlight, and a weather band radio with a USB device charger that never needs batteries designed to charge smart phones and other USB devices when disaster occurs.

Since acquiring all assets of the Quake Kare ER™ Emergency Ready brand of Disaster Preparedness products in February 2014, the not-for-profit Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis, which operates two manufacturing and packaging plants in St. Louis County, has become the nation’s leading supplier of survival kits for schools, people, families and businesses.

“Our plants respond to requests for a full range of high-quality emergency preparedness products for homes, cars, offices, schools and other applications,” says Houser. “When an earthquake shook Los Angeles last month, our phones  rang all day as people called to order earthquake survival kits and emergency supplies that we source, package and ship,” says Houser. “We expect a significant sales boost thanks to ‘The Doctors’ interest in our Quake Care emergency survival products and also due to the onset of tornado season.”

Founded in 1933, LHB is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that helps children and adults who are visually impaired maintain dignity and independence by offering employment, education and many support services. Today and for many years LHB and its employees have manufactured, assembled, warehoused and sold high-quality products to customers nationwide including first aid kits, medical kits, catheters, aerosol and liquid paints, aerosol and liquid cleaning products, eco-friendly products and many others.

On February 4, the Lighthouse acquired all assets of Quake Kare, Inc. (www.quakekare.com), a leading supplier of emergency preparedness kits, emergency supplies and survival kits for customers that include Google, Chevron, Verizon, Pfizer, Intel, Time Warner Cable, U.S. Department of the Treasury, American Express-Japan and more.

All sales revenues directly support Lighthouse programs including Professional Career Development; Special Technology and Adaptive Resources for Students (STARS); Summer Jobs for Students; Continuing Education; Arts & Entertainment Accessibility; Low Vision Aid; and others available for individuals who are legally blind and visually impaired in Missouri and Southwestern Illinois.

For more information, contact Brittney Smithers, Marketing Manager, at 800.542.3697 or 314.423.4333. Website http://www.lhbindustries.com.  Media contact: Jeff Dunlap 314.409.5203.




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