New LoJacks in Police Vehicles to Reduce Auto Theft

The systems, funded by a local Long Beach business, will direct officers toward the locations of stolen vehicles.

Eight LoJack Police Tracking Computers will be added by the Long Beach Police Department to its fleet.

The computers, which were provided by Henry Caruso, the owner of Pacific Ford, are aimed to enhance Long Beach's stolen vehicle recovery capabilities.

They will be installed in Long Beach Police Department vehicles and will receive silent signals emitted from a small radio tranceiver hideen in a LoJack-equipped vehicle. The signals will then direct officers to stolen cars, trucks and vans.

"This partnership [with LoJack] provides a measureable benefit to the community, by fighting crime and making our streets safer without spending additional City funds," Mayor Bob Foster said.

Long Beach Police Chief, Jim McDonnell, added, "We're always looking to maximize our ability to locate stolen vehicles and partnering with Pacific Ford affords us the opportunity to increase our number of LoJack equipped vehicles to 35, at no cost to the taxpayers."

John B. Greet December 31, 2012 at 04:02 PM
LoJack is a fine system for helping law enforcement recover stolen vehicles that are equipped with that technology. Mr. Caruso has done a good thing, both for LBPD (by donating the LoJack receivers, which, if he did so through the Police Foundation represented a tax deduction for his business), and also for his business (since he can use LBPD's increased number of receivers as a tool to market more LoJack transmitters in the new cars and trucks he sells). Win-win.
Mike Kowal January 02, 2013 at 09:08 PM
I've had a LoJack system in my car, 97 BMW since I bought it new. Are yoiu telling me that the LBPD had no way of tracking it until now?


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