German Shepard Mix Rescue Puppies

Meet Maggie, Dora, and Penny Lane!    

Dora is an explorer!  She loves finding places to hide (such as under chairs or in closets). She is extremely interested in making friends with other animals and has a playful yet submissive personality. Her whimsical nature really stands out but she also loves to mellow out near your feet to show you some love!!  Penny is a leader amongst her sisters and has a calm demeanor. Once she has had her playtime, she will be ready for a rest and quickly find you for a snuggle session. Penny has beautiful markings and gorgeous hazel eyes! Her cute spots and white paws are
irresistible. Maggie is the most cuddly!  She loves being held, playing with her sisters, and hanging out with her Husky foster mom. If she can sleep on someone’s tail, that’s where you’ll find her.
These adorable German Shepherd-mix puppies are spayed, up-to-date on all immunizations, well socialized, and will be a great addition to your family! They will be 12 weeks 4/25.  $350.00 adoption fee covers related medical expense (shots and spay cost).  GRACE ANIMAL RESCUE  graceanimalrescue@gmail.com  (310) 488-9403



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