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40 Arrested, 7 Long Beach Pot Dispensaries Raided

Marijuana growing and/or sales has been illegal in the ciity since Aug. 12, 2012 and a sweep by police, federal law and county law enforcement and prosecutors

Seven marijuana dispensaries in Long Beach were closed Wednesday and 40 people arrested during a multi-agency raid in which search warrants allegedly produced pot, currency and sales equipment.

It was not immediately known if the suspects remained jailed, nor where, after they were taken into custody for owning or operating a marijuana dispensary. Because names were not released by Long Beach Police Department spokeswoman Nancy Pratt, there was no way of readily checking whether the 40 arrested remained in custody.

Pratt said photos of the seized evidence would be provided to the public on Thursday.

Pratt e-mailed a press release but was not immediately available for comment Wednesday night as to whether the 40 arrestees were in custody or whether bail was set.

According to Pratt's news release, the raids were carried out at establishments that had allegedly received the most complaints from the surrounding neighborhood. Search warrants for the locations had been obtained and were the basis for the raids and seizure of property.

The case termed an "enforcement" was carried out, Pratt wrote, "with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), the Long Beach Fire Department, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, that shut down seven marijuana dispensaries located throughout the City of Long Beach."

The full release follows:

Effective, August 12, 2012, any dispensary that continues conducting business in the City of Long Beach is operating illegally.  

The seven dispensaries that were targeted were those that the Police Department had received the highest level of complaints for from the community.  During the operation, over 40 individuals were taken into custody and booked for owning/operating a marijuana dispensary.  Marijuana plants, processed marijuana, currency, and other evidence were seized.  Each of these businesses will be forwarded to the Business Licensing Section for review.  Additionally, three of the seven locations were also "red tagged" by the Long Beach Fire Department for posing immediate life-safety hazards.  Anyone caught entering these locations will be arrested for trespassing.  

The L.B.P.D. was originally planning to serve a search warrant at an eighth location, located at 301 Atlantic Avenue, however, investigators recently received information that the operators had vacated the building and relocated.

The L.B.P.D. is strongly urging the remaining dispensaries to voluntarily cease their operations.  Any dispensary that continues to operate will be targeted for closure and those operating the business will be arrested.  

Today’s operation addressed the following locations:

745 E. 4th Street (dispensary site)
2130 Cowles Street (cultivation/dispensary site - red-tagged)
1581 W. Wardlow Road (cultivation/dispensary site - red-tagged)
1735 E. 7th Street (cultivation/dispensary site - red-tagged)
2508 E. 10th Street (dispensary site)
3748 Atlantic Avenue dispensary site)
5115 Atlantic Avenue (dispensary site)

Anyone wishing to report dispensaries that continue to operate should contact the Narcotics Section at (562) 570-7221.  Anonymous tips may be submitted via text or web by visiting www.tipsoft.com.

John B. Greet October 13, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Ruehle will, ever and always, believe what Ruehle believes. Only those facts which support his beliefs matter. All other facts are ignored or otherwise dismissed out of hand. If he has no facts to support his beliefs, he has proven more than willing and able to manufacture them. If someone challenges them, he attacks them. If they ultimately prove his beliefs wrong, he simply grows silent, and moves on to the next unfounded allegation, the next unsupported accusation. I have never once seen Ruehle admit to having made a mistake of fact or to willingly acknowledge whenever someone proves one of his many definitive condemnations false. I think, in the beginning, Ruehle actually served his BSRA membership well. Later, however, I think he stopped serving them and started serving himself instead. Perhaps that may well be why he is no longer a member of that organization, let alone its President, let alone even living in Belmont Shore. I actually agree with some of the things Ruehle seems to believe and some of the things for which he claims to advocate. However much I may agree with some of his stated beliefs and goals, however, I cannot agree with most of the methods he employs in his attempts to achieve them.
Mike Ruehle October 13, 2012 at 07:11 AM
If the OC Weekly article identifying KURT SCHNIETER as a Long Beach medpot dispensary owner was incorrect, why hasn't he asked the OC Weekly to retract what they said or sued the OC Weekly? We all know how law suit happy KURT SCHNEITER is. In fact, I rememeber well a Belmont Shore Resident's Association meeting at the Bayshore Library where KURT SCHNEITER threatended no less than 11 times to sue the BSRA Board of Directors because the BSRA had identified him as one of the main pushers for turning the Livingston Park Tot Lot Children's Playground into a parking lot for his Bono's restaurant customers. Maybe SCHNEITER can explain why he hasn't taken action against the OC Weekly if they are incorrect? http://www.ocweekly.com/2012-02-02/news/long-beach-medical-marijuana-lottery/ For those who want to know what KURT SCHNEITER looks like going into and out of medpot dispensaries, I've attached a link to an article with his picture in it. http://www.whittierdailynews.com/california/ci_16567697
Mike Ruehle October 17, 2012 at 04:19 PM
I have nominated Belmont Shore Parking Commissioner KURT SCHNEITER in the LBPost's survey of top 10 most powerful people in Long Beach for using his political connections at city hall to license his medpot facilites and focus police action on closing all of his competitors down. http://www.lbpost.com/news/2000001177-who-are-the-10-most-powerful-people-in-long-beach
John B. Greet October 17, 2012 at 07:01 PM
"Less than 1% of eligible Long Beach voters actually cast a ballot." Like so many of the comments Ruehle posts, this statement is false. According to the city clerk's office, in the last citywide election (2010) about 16% of registered Long Beach voters cast a vote for the office of Mayor. Extrapolating from 2010 Census data,11% of eligible Long Beach voters (residents over 18) cast a vote for Mayor. Voter turnout in Long Beach is abysmal, of that there can be no doubt, but it serves no constructive purpose for Ruehle to toss out whatever absurd and made-up statistic happens to suit him in his efforts to support his positions.
John B. Greet October 17, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Ok, grown-up commenter time, Ruehle, here's your chance to prove which you are, an adult or a child. Please name the specific medpot collectives in Long Beach (all of which are now {and, really, always have been} illegal by the way) on behalf of which you believe Mr. Schneiter used "...his political connections at city hall to license..." List each of their names and addresses specifically. Once you have done so, present your evidence that supports your accusation in this regard. Note: An article in OC weekly -that offers no proof of its own- can not, in turn, be reasonably considered evidence of anything other than that author's own unfounded opinions and the statements he only *claims* others made, on the record, for his article. List the Collectives and the addresses, and then present your proof that you believe supports the accusation you have lodged here. You have lodged this allegation, Ruehle, so, among adults, the burden of proof lies with you to offer evidence of your accusation. An adult posseses and offers proof when he makes an accusation, Ruehle. A child points fingers and accuses other of things they cannot or will not prove. So which is it, Ruehle? Are you an adult or a child? I think your next response (or lack of one) will sufficiently answer this question one way or the other.


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